candidsketch (candidsketch) wrote,

Over the Edge

Title: Over the Edge
Pairings: kai/kyungsoo, slight!baekhyun/chanyeol, luhan/sehun, chen/tao, kris/lay
Genre: angst
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Gun and drug references, minor character death
Disclaimer: Don't own the boys
Length: oneshot
Wordcount: 5723

Summary: Kai is Kyungsoo's bodyguard, but maybe something more, too.

“Don’t move.”

Kyungsoo stares impassively at the masked man in his room. The voice is low and confident but there are tiny tremors running through the gun nozzle like his finger can’t find the right pressure on the trigger. Kyungsoo can tell the gunman is fresh in the business, this possibly being his fifth job. And perhaps only his third assassination attempt. Luhan probably sent him out of bitterness for last week, when Kyungsoo had packaged three of Luhan’s men loitering over the border and sent them to the cops with a note.

“What do you want?” Kyungsoo whispers, eyes widening, and the nozzle trembles with surprise. Kyungsoo’s not usually such a cooperative hostage but he’s bored and playing scared makes it much more interesting.

The man steps forward and presses cold metal against Kyungsoo’s left temple, bending over to whisper in his other ear. “Luhan sends his regards.”
Apparently Luhan also sends dumb assassins because Kyungsoo’s quite sure he should be dead by now if the other guy was doing his job right. The stench of alcohol wafts across and Kyungsoo’s lip curls.

The man scrapes his lips over the shell of Kyungsoo’s ear. “Say goodbye to your sector, D.O,” and a gunshot sounds.

The man lets out a gasp as he falls, clutching his right shoulder which is bleeding all over Kyungsoo’s white sheepskin carpet. He doesn’t have time to mourn the loss of his carpet, though, as the gun is still loaded and a tight grip brings it up to Kyungsoo’s face.

There’s another gunshot. The man convulses on the floor and the gun drops from his fingers. There’s a bout of intense scrabbling on the wooden floor until the gasps fade away and another man moves out from the shadowed corner.

Kai walks smoothly, gun still trained on the dead man, only flashing a glance at Kyungsoo before bending over to inspect the body. “I hope you know you’ve ruined my carpet,” Kyungsoo says dryly, and delights in the way Kai raises an eyebrow, humour swimming in his dark eyes.

“Then I’ll buy you another, okay, Princess?”

Kyungsoo shrugs and looks away. “I guess it can’t be helped. I’ll have to take it out of your pay.” Kai chuckles and Kyungsoo smiles tightly because the only thing they pay in is loyalty.


Kai hadn't always been Kai.

Kyungsoo’s father had picked him off the streets, the safest choice because orphaned street kids don’t have anywhere to run when propositioned by wealthy drug dealers. Kyungsoo doesn’t particularly remember Kai’s earlier months, even when they had all trained together, a bunch of six to ten year old children shooting guns in an orderly line.

The first memory of Kai is when Kyungsoo is nine and they are alone in the bathroom after a grueling day. Kyungsoo’s arm is still shaking from the punching exercises when he looks up and catches another pair of eyes through the mirror. There’s a boy leaning on the wall next to the urinals, eyelids heavy with caution. Kyungsoo holds his gaze, curious.

“Are you the boss’s son?”

Kyungsoo is shocked because his identity has been completely concealed. It’s too dangerous, around so many strangers who could compromise his position in the future. The question turns stale in the bathroom air, settling heavily over them. Kyungsoo keeps his face still, concealing his confusion. The boy’s eyes are restrained, but hard and Kyungsoo knows it’s not a question.

“How do you know?”

The boy blinks, and shifts. There’s fear in his stance, and Kyungsoo knows he has the control now. Kyungsoo can do anything to him with a few words to the right people.

“I-” he licks his lips nervously, and Kyungsoo follows the movement in the mirror, “In the first week we started training…there was an imprint on the back of your neck.”

Kyungsoo raises an eyebrow, and then he remembers. All members have the clan symbol with them for verification. His father has a proud tattoo over his heart, but Kyungsoo has a necklace, the intertwined lines of gold heavy enough for the clasp to dig into the back of his neck. The clasp is an intricate smaller version, helmet-like shape with a pair of wings flicked up.

He turns to meet the boy’s eyes carefully. Without the dirt of the mirror, Kyungsoo can see his skin is smooth and dark, features sharp under dim lighting. The boy swallows.

“I – just,” he stutters, and Kyungsoo tilts his head curiously because he looks innocent, like he had accidentally found out and felt obliged to tell Kyungsoo. “It’s just that I saw it, and then I noticed the instructor had a ring in the same shape. I – didn’t mean to-” He breaks off, uncertain.

“Why did you only tell me now?” Kyungsoo asks.

“I wanted to make sure you wouldn’t throw me out, or kill me or something…for knowing.” He replies, and the raw honesty makes Kyungsoo smile. He doesn’t ask how the boy would know something like that.

“What’s your name?”


There’s a silence where Jongin’s eyes flick from the floor to Kyungsoo’s face, then to his ear and then to his neck, like he’s mapping out Kyungsoo’s face with his eyes. Kyungsoo feels strangely violated and comforted at the same time.

“What are you going to do?” Kyungsoo whispers and Jongin answers straightaway like he’s expecting it.

“Tell no one.” A pause, but not an uncertain one. “What are you going to do?” Kyungsoo could answer that question in a million ways. But he likes Jongin, likes the way he slumps against the wall even though his eyes are alert, likes his raw honesty.

“Tell no one,” he replies, and Jongin smiles, a bit in relief, a bit from adrenalin. Kyungsoo decides he wants to keep Jongin.

They don’t become friends after that. Rather, Jongin treats Kyungsoo mostly the same, except for a telling smile or glance ever now and then. In a way, Kyungsoo thinks that Jongin starts protecting him then, after the encounter in the bathroom.

When his father asks Kyungsoo at thirteen to choose a few boys for inspection as his personal bodyguard, Kyungsoo names Jongin first. He only wants Jongin. Kyungsoo is an obedient child though, so he names a few others, who he knows will just highlight Jongin’s superior skills.

He doesn’t hide the smirk when Jongin is brought into his father’s office a month later, introduced as Kai. Kai’s face is perfectly schooled into neutrality, but Kyungsoo can recognize the amusement in his dark eyes.

Jongin being the best is just a bonus. A necessary one, of course, but Kyungsoo likes to think it’s not the best thing about him. Kyungsoo likes to think, sappily, that their relationship is built on something more than money and duty. Something like first meetings etched into each smile or questions that don’t shy away from danger.

Something like trust.

Something like that.


Kyungsoo’s not into killing, not like Luhan, at least. Kyungsoo knows he could do anything and get away with it, but he tries not to, as a form of self-control. He concentrates more on the actual black market business, because he’s better at messing with numbers than people. So in an ironic kind of way, his house is the safest for their biannual meetings. Generally, his guests don’t have to worry about surviving, unless Luhan’s drunk a little too much alcohol.

In a way, Kyungsoo enjoys these meetings. For a couple of hours, they almost sound like friends, with the exception of very real death threats.
Chen and Luhan are already in the living room when he arrives, reclining and chatting amiably. When Kyungsoo appears, Luhan shoots him a petulant look, and huffs.

“Good evening Luhan, Chen.”

Luhan turns away to whisper in Sehun’s ear, while Chen waves. Chen has always been Kyungsoo’s favourite. Whereas Luhan likes to have fun, stepping over sector boundaries and messing with shipments, Chen concentrates on business as usual and has only ever sent two people to try and kill Kyungsoo. It’s a refreshing change.

But then again, Chen’s only been in the business for four years, taking over his father’s position in the North Gyeongsang area. Luhan’s been in for seven, in North and South Chungcheong, but he’s been trying to steal Seoul from Kyungsoo ever since three years ago when Luhan’s manor had burnt down. Kyungsoo thinks Chen might have framed him on that, but he likes Chen too much to have him face Luhan’s wrath.

Kyungsoo is by default the Boss of the Bosses, simply by the number of years he’d been in the business. Suho used to be, before he’d disappeared with Xiumin five years ago and all his members killed off. Kyungsoo likes to think Suho may have survived, because Kai had only found Xiumin’s body, riddled with bullets in a dustbin somewhere in Busan.

There’s one more chair, and it’s for Baekhyun. But all of them know Baekhyun won’t be coming tonight.

“How have you been, Kyungsoo,” asks Chen politely, and Kyungsoo tries to ignore how Tao stares relentlessly over Chen’s shoulder.

“Fine,” he answers, taking a sip of wine, “besides Luhan sending a visitor over last week. I had to replace some furniture.”

Luhan scoffs. “Yes, well, I had to burn down two buildings because of your nice note to the cops.” Kyungsoo rolls his eyes, because Luhan can be a cold killer, but conversation with him is like coaxing a child to eat vegetables.

“So,” Chen says, “When’s he coming?” He gestures to the empty chair with his chin.

“Soon,” Kyungsoo sighs, and then adds quietly, “I think we might have a bit of trouble with him.”

Luhan doesn’t say anything, and neither does Chen, because Kyungsoo always just seems to know things. Not just numbers and facts, but little things he can sense. Habits, feelings, histories. He picks up the small things people don’t care to hide, and that’s why, despite his soft heart, he’s so dangerous.

Like how Kyungsoo knows Kai is the strongest out of Sehun, Tao and Chanyeol, which is why Luhan will never let Sehun out of his sight.
He knows Sehun comes from the streets and adores Luhan, even though Luhan will never return the sentiments. It makes it dangerous to try and hurt Luhan, but it also makes Sehun the most vulnerable.

They are only as alive as their best fighter, and that’s why none of them overstep their boundaries too much.

Kyungsoo also knows that Chen picked up Tao in an orphanage in China, and Tao reveres Chen like a dog will follow their master.
The sad thing is that, Kyungsoo thinks, Chen is intuitive unlike Luhan, and whereas Luhan leads Sehun with naïve touches, Chen tugs the leash knowingly, teasing Tao this way and that.

“Boss,” Kai’s voice is low in his ear, “He’s here.”

There are two tall men coming into the living room, and they stand to welcome. Kyungsoo almost wishes he hadn’t because one of them is about a head taller with a chiseled jaw line and confident eyes, and Kyungsoo dislikes his height more than ever.

“I’m Kris,” the tall one says, and the man behind gives a short bow. “This is Lay,” he gestures behind, “my bodyguard.”

They settle in the chairs. Kyungsoo doesn’t like Kris already, and he wants to pout and tell Kai to bring back Baekhyun and Chanyeol, but he knows even Kai can’t bring back the dead.

“So,” Luhan begins pleasantly, “introductions?” He glances at Kyungsoo, who relishes that at least in some situations, Luhan seeks his leadership, and not his death.

“I’m D.O.,” Kyungsoo says, looking levelly at Kris, “and this is Kai.” He slides his eyes up to Lay, a warning for them to know they were both being watched carefully.

He gestures at Luhan. “This is Luhan, and Sehun,” Kyungsoo introduces, “and Chen and Tao.” Kris nods in understanding, because the hierarchy is being established. He’s at the bottom of the food chain.

“Tell us about yourself,” Luhan says lightly, and Kris coughs.

“I am in charge of North and South Jeolla. I used to be under the guidance of Baekhyun, but there were some unfortunate circumstances, and I was chosen to be the best substitute.” Kris looks a little sheepish, but no one is fooled.

Kyungsoo’s eyes are hard, and he can see Chen’s smile tilting at the corners. They all know exactly what happened to Baekhyun and Chanyeol, and even though they all might be shady, underground killers, betrayals are the worst crime. Kyungsoo spots a dragon piercing in Lay’s left earlobe that looks too obnoxious to be a decoration.

They talk about business for the rest of the evening, and except for Luhan threatening to mess in Chen’s sector a little, the talk stays somber, a change from their usual cheerful banter. Kris leaves first, claiming a long trip back, and they say goodbye amiably. Kyungsoo notifies him that he will send Kris the next meeting time and place.

After Kris leaves, there’s a short silence. It’s a silence that would have normally be filled with Baekhyun’s chatter and Chanyeol’s jokes. Kai brushes a thumb over the back of Kyungsoo’s neck but his shoulders remain tense. Even Luhan’s face looks solemn, because Baekhyun and Chanyeol were crazy together and Luhan was attracted to their unpredictability.

They had all liked that, how even though Baekhyun was in charge, Baekhyun and Chanyeol came in a package, twin smiles and all. Kyungsoo knows, that they were more a Boss and a bodyguard should ever be, but they fit so well together that no one cared. They aren’t supposed to care about loss. It’s bound to happen in this business, but when Kyungsoo had been notified by a contact who had witnessed the takeover, he feels inexplicably angry.


Later, when Kyungsoo soaks in the bath, he can see lines of exhaustion on his face through the mirror. He keeps thinking about Kris. Keeps thinking about Baekhyun and Chanyeol. Because even though Chen’s his favourite, Baekhyun will always be the closest to Kyungsoo.

Not friends, but close enough to pretend.

He feels lonely, and incredibly small in this bathtub, in this bathroom, in this expensive villa. He’s just a dot on the outskirts of Seoul, less than a dot in South Korea. He can’t even be seen on the world map.

He turns his head towards the door. He knows Kai is just outside, standing guard, and for once, he doesn’t want to call him Kai. He remembers watching Jongin through the mirror, in that dark bathroom when they had first met. He remembers turning around, seeing Jongin’s scrawny body in front of him. If he had reached out then, he would have been able to touch him.

He rises from the bath and climbs out, water dripping onto cold tiles. Goosebumps rise as cold air pricks at his warm skin. He pads across to the door, wet feet slapping against the floor and opens the door. Kai’s face looks worried, and then his mouth settles in a straight line and his eyes narrow.

Kyungsoo looks at him for a moment, and wonders what expression Kai sees on his face. Grief, perhaps, or confusion, denoted with a frown or a sealed mouth. Kyungsoo’s spent his whole life reading people but he can’t read himself.

He turns around and walks back to the bathtub, hearing Kai follow him and a quiet click as the door closes. He doesn’t spare a glance as he hops back into the tub, wrapping arms around his legs and propping his head on top of his knees. He stares at the water as Kai stares at him. There’s a moment of hesitation, and then Kai pulls his shirt off, toes off shoes and socks and climbs into the bath. He settles with his knees bent, facing Kyungsoo, and Kyungsoo can see how the black pants cling to his legs.

Kai is no longer the boy in the bathroom, all those years ago, slumped against the wall with honest eyes, but Kyungsoo doesn’t think it’s a bad thing. Under the bathroom lights, Kai looks older, but still beautiful.

“If I die,” Kyungsoo whispers, and Kai jolts, “If I die, I want Baekhyun to take over my sector.” Kai looks at him with an unreadable expression, and Kyungsoo continues.

“Chen is too weak, he’ll be kicked out in a weak. And Luhan is too volatile, he’ll want to take over all of South Korea, but Baekhyun…” Kyungsoo swallows, and his eyes sting but he swallows again because he hasn’t cried in ten years, not since his parents were murdered, and he won’t start now.
“Baekhyun…Baekhyun and Chanyeol would know exactly what to do.”

It’s true, because Baekhyun was the only Boss who understood how Kyungsoo worked, how he only killed if he had to, how he worked hard for respect ever since he was fifteen, when his parents had died and he was put on the pedestal the next day. Baekhyun understands that Kai to Kyungsoo is exactly like Chanyeol to Baekhyun. And Kyungsoo wants Kai to understand that too.

“And me?” Kai asks softly, and his voice is gentle, so gentle like Kyungsoo is like a little animal, shivering in the rain.

“I want you to stay alive,” Kyungsoo answers honestly, looking up. He doesn’t realize how truthful his words are until he’s said them, and he shivers.

“If you die,” Kai whispers, slowly shifting his body so his legs intertwine with Kyungsoo’s, “I don’t think that’s what will happen.”

Kyungsoo snorts. “Don’t be stupid. There’s a high chance I’ll be killed before you. They won’t aim for you.”

“You’re the one being stupid,” and Kai sounds angry as he hooks his hands around Kyungsoo’s calves and pulls him closer, “If you die, I’ll be right there, next to you.” There’s a drip and a ripple in the water, and Kyungsoo looks down. There’s another drip. He’s crying.

Kai grasps at his arms, and his hands look like dark imprints on Kyungsoo’s pale skin. Kai’s thumbs brush gently inside his elbows, in little comforting circles. “Chanyeol would have done the same, right?” Kai says, and it’s not a question. It’s never really a question with Kai.

Yes. Chanyeol would have done the same. Kyungsoo thinks of Baekhyun and Chanyeol, and how they both must have fought to the end, against the betrayal of their own members. Kyungsoo thinks of them stuffed into garbage bags and tipped over a cliff. They would have thrown Baekhyun first, because he was smaller, then Chanyeol would follow as always. Chanyeol would never leave Baekhyun’s side. Kyungsoo thinks of Chanyeol reaching for Baekhyun’s hand as always, ascending to heaven together, twin smiles and all. It’s stupid, but it makes him smile.

“Yes,” he whispers, “Chanyeol would have done the same.”

“So would Sehun,” Kai says, and Kyungsoo thinks Kai’s eyes might be misty but can’t really tell because he can barely see past the tears in his own eyes, “and Tao, and I bet Lay would too.” Kyungsoo nods, because all he wanted was for Kai to understand, but Kai wants him to realize that he’s always understood.

“Since when did you become so smart, Kai,” and Kyungsoo chokes over his words a little.

“Since I met you, princess,” Kai grins, and Kyungsoo finds the effort to roll his eyes through his tears.

“I’m not a princess. If anything, I should be a King,” he pouts and Kai chuckles as he stands, Kyungsoo slipping back, cool water soothing his back.

“We’ll see about that, princess. Think you need help getting dressed? Since your skin is so delicate and all?”

“My skin is just sensitive,” Kyungsoo scowls, “and get out!” Kai’s chuckles reverberate in Kyungsoo’s head long after the door is closed.


“Kris and Lay should be checked out. I want to know where they’re from, their childhoods, how they met, the works,” Kyungsoo lists as he gets ready for bed. Kai nods beside him. This isn’t really part of his job description, but Kyungsoo’s last personal assistant had been a mole, and really, Kai gets the job done better than anyone else.

“They both don’t look Korean, so start in China. Keep an eye on them and Luhan, although I doubt Luhan would be swayed by that kind of thing.”
Kyungsoo frowns. “Kris looks untrustworthy. Tighten security here, there’ll probably a couple of attacks this week. Call Chen and tell him his security is shit and it needs to be updated. Luhan can take care of himself.”

“And I want Baek-” Kyungsoo stops himself, not sure if he wants what he’s about to say.

“Would you like Baekhyun and Chanyeol’s bodies recovered?” Kai asks smoothly.

Kyungsoo settles under his covers and considers it. There’s no chance of Baekhyun and Chanyeol being alive, after being dumped off a cliff, and even if they were, they would have somehow contacted Kyungsoo. “No,” he replies softly, “We shouldn’t bother them any longer.”

“Okay,” Kai says, walking towards the door, “anything else?”

Yes. There is one more thing.

“Kai,” Kyungsoo calls, and the footsteps stop. “Can you…just stay for tonight?”

“I always stay,” Kai sounds amused, because he stands guard even in the night, slumped in the corner of Kyungsoo’s room. He only sleeps in the few early hours of the day, when sun is filtering through, because Kyungsoo is less likely to be attacked then. Kyungsoo knows, because sometimes when he wakes at odd hours in the night, he turns over to see Kai hunched in the corner or next to the couch, eyes alert as always.

“I meant,” Kyungsoo drawls, “here,” and he pats the soft pillow beside him. He notes with satisfaction that his bodyguard looks somewhat nervous. Kai raises an eyebrow and Kyungsoo sends him a cheeky grin in return. Eventually Kai turns off the lights and slips in with him, faces turned towards each other. Kyungsoo places a hand flat against the mattress between them and he can feel the warmth.

“So,” Kai says, and his eyes meet Kyungsoo’s, “what’s with the change in sleeping accommodation? Are you promoting me?”

“To what,” Kyungsoo retorts, “bed-warmer?” His face flames when he realizes what he’s just said and turns to lie on his back, but Kai just laughs quietly. Kyungsoo watches as Kai’s eyelids drop. There are wrinkles around his eyes and Kyungsoo wants to reach out a fingertip and smooth them away.

“We’ve been together for a long time,” he says, instead.

Kai hums in response. “Tired of me yet?” he murmurs.

“No,” Kyungsoo smiles, “Of course not.”


Kyungsoo’s in the bathroom again, staring through the mirror at someone’s eyes. It’s dark, and smells sour and wet. The figure comes into the light and Kyungsoo gasps as he turns around. It’s Kris.

“Didn’t like me much today, did you?” Kris laughs harshly, and he grows taller and taller until his neck is bent against the roof. Kyungsoo presses himself against the counter, fear settling in his chest, but he keeps his face hard and still. He reaches out an arm behind him, desperately searching for Kai, but his palm only meets rough dirt and earth. The mirror is caked with a layer of dry mud, gnarled vines sprouting and spreading across the surface. Kris laughs again, stomping a foot, and the ground cracks beneath Kyungsoo’s feet.

“Kai!” Kyungsoo screams,and his fingers scrabble at the dirt, finding cool surface underneath. He rips the vines away and Kai is staring back at him through the mirror, eyes bright and honest. Kyungsoo whirls around to find an empty bathroom. Kris is gone and so is Kai.

The room tilts, and suddenly Kyungsoo finds wind whipping through his clothes and the smell of salt harsh in the air, hard concrete under his hands and knees. There’s a black van, and as the door slides open Kyungsoo can see Lay exiting, walking nimbly across Kyungsoo’s vision. He realizes they’re on a cliff top. “No,” Kyungsoo whispers, but he can see them now, men jumping out of the van, carrying two black bags between them, heavy and drooping in their arms.

Kyungsoo scrambles up to reach them. They can’t see him, bodies relentlessly moving forward as he tugs hard at their arms. “Let them go, let them go,” he cries hoarsely.

He digs his fingernails into the plastic bag, and he can feel the body underneath, the thin arms, and he knows this is Baekhyun. He rips the bag open, to catch a glimpse of his face because he needs to know, needs to know, but it’s too late. Lay’s voice echoes loudly behind him, apathetic. “Drop them over.”

“Kai!”Kyungsoo screams, “Kai!” He’s toppling over with Baekhyun, unable to escape from the jostling and there’s no ground underneath him anymore. He’s falling, and the churning of waves is so loud against his ears, water glistening in the dark. He looks up and sees another black bag tip over, bulkier.

“Kai,” he calls weakly, because he can hear nothing but a roaring underneath him, “Jongin.” There’s warmth by his side, and he twists. Kai is there, hands firm against his body, smirk twisting his lips as they fall together.

“You called, Kyungsoo?”


Kyungsoo wakes with a shock, chest heaving in the silence. He’s had a lot of bad dreams, but Kyungsoo’s never been so desperate, so useless.


He turns quietly, and exhales when he sees Kai sleeping next to him. He can hear distant sounds of chattering, and when he looks at his phone, he realizes it’s already nine in the morning. There hasn’t been anyone coming to wake him up though, so he assumes there was no drama last night.
Kai looks relaxed in his sleep, but Kyungsoo knows if he pokes hard enough, he’ll wake immediately. Kyungsoo reaches for a switch on the wall, turning slowly so the blinds lift enough to let sunlight filter through. It lands in soft, muted stripes on Kai’s face, and Kyungsoo holds back a chuckle. Kai shifts, lips parting slightly and Kyungsoo stills, elbow propping his weight up on the pillow.

It’s been a long time since he’s been able to look at Kai’s face, undisturbed and silent. Kyungsoo feels if Kai’s always been dancing just past his stretched fingertips, emotions filed away under his exterior. They’ve never had the proper relationship meant for a Boss and his bodyguard, because Kyungsoo knows he’s too attached to Kai. Kyungsoo’s always been the most soft-hearted, out of all of them, but he doesn’t mind.

He lifts a hand and gently presses a finger to Kai’s forehead, ignoring the blaring red line he’s not supposed to cross. It doesn’t really matter, Kyungsoo thinks, because he crossed it a long time ago. He drags the fingertip, lightly, down to a cheekbone and Kai shivers but doesn’t wake. Kyungsoo takes a few breaths before drawing a line to his chin, then down to his neck, just like the way Jongin had flicked his eyes over his face when they first met.

He maps his way down until his finger hits the loose collar of Kai’s shirt, and he can tell by his quickened breathing that he’s awake.

“What are you doing?”

Kyungsoo smiles back as Kai’s eyes open sleepily. He lowers his head to the pillow, matching Kai’s careful gaze, the tense lines of his mouth. “Touching you.”

There’s shock in Kai’s eyes and Kyungsoo relishes in catching him off guard, digging a little more through his perfect mask.

“Sure you didn’t hit your head in the middle of the night, princess?” Kai says a little breathlessly.

“Don’t call me that.” Kyungsoo’s voice is quiet, but commanding. He shuffles closer to Kai, breathing in his body heat.

“What would you like me to call you then?” Kai asks, eyes flashing because both of them know exactly what Kyungsoo wants. Kyungsoo bends his head forward, just the slightest so he can feel Kai’s breath on his lips. He flattens his hand on Kai’s chest, feels a heart beating underneath. He thinks of falling through air, and warm palms holding him. Kyungsoo wants more. Kyungsoo wants trust.

He whispers, “Jongin.”

Kai inhales shakily, bringing up a hand to cover Kyungsoo’s, pushing it harder into his chest. It’s beating strong, and quick. Kyungsoo thinks it might be adrenalin, but he’s not sure. There’s always uncertainty when it comes to Kai.

“Okay,” Kai says, and his voice cracks. “Okay,” he says again, and he leans in.

There’s an exhale of “Kyungsoo,” before Kai presses their lips together, bring a hand to the back of Kyungsoo’s head and pushing lightly. This is what he wants, Kyungsoo realizes, what he needs, because he has always needed to touch, to feel Kai there, to know he won’t leave. There’s pounding in Kyungsoo’s head and Kai’s lips are dry and scrape against his own, but they stay like that until Kyungsoo needs to breathe, pulling away and sucking in air.

The uncertainty in Kai’s face melts away when Kyungsoo rests his head against his shoulder, cheek pressed against neck, and whispers, “thank you.”
Kyungsoo thinks, maybe, this is what Kai has always needed too.


He probably should have seen it coming.

Kyungsoo’s normally right about people, and they realize, only a few weeks after their meeting, he was right about Kris, too. His security feed turns black while he’s in his office, and Kai immediately picks up the phone to the front gate. There’s no answer, though, and Kyungsoo’s about to call the technician when a gunshot sounds.

Kai moves immediately, throwing a gun at Kyungsoo while slamming down on the emergency lockdown button, directing him quietly out the door and down the corridor to their garage. There’s shouting, more gunshots, and it sounds close. They check the security screens in the garage, but they’re all cut, static only filling the silence. Kai swears under his breath, pulling Kyungsoo over to a dark grey Jaguar and grabbing the keys from the safe.

Kyungsoo’s hands are shaking as he clutches the gun, because it’s never been this bad before. It’s always been only one or two assassins who want to take out Kyungsoo in the middle of the night. Nobody has tried to crash headfirst into his security gates in the middle of the afternoon before. Kyungsoo knows it’s not Luhan or Chen. They’ve been together too long to do something as large scale as this.

Kai exhales loudly as they pull out of the garage, slipping into an underground tunnel. “They got through the fucking security system,” he mutters.
Kyungsoo feels panicked, because he prides himself on his security system. “They must have been working at it for ages,” he says, and a sick feeling settles in his stomach because Baekhyun wouldn’t care less about breaking into his mansion.

“Kris must have been planning this for a few years,” Kai voices, and Kyungsoo just looks out the window at black walls and neon lights. The tunnel lightens and they come out on an abandoned road. Kai drives for another ten minutes until they reach a public road, and then their car blends seamlessly into traffic.

Kyungsoo thinks of the people left back in the villa. They all have guns, and know how to fight, and there are escape holes and safe caches built in, but he’s not sure if it can stand against a frontal attack from another Boss. Fingers curl around his wrist, and Kyungsoo looks over.

“Don’t feel guilty,” Kai says softly, “It’s your job.”

“I know,” Kyungsoo says, “I know it’s my job but…”

Kai squeezes his wrist. “I know it’s not the greatest way to say it,” he says, shooting a look at the rear view mirror, “but your life is worth a lot more than theirs, in the scheme of things.” Kyungsoo sighs, and twists his hand so Kai’s fist loosens. He tangles their fingers so they lock tightly together, and brushes over the top with his other hand.

“I know,” he replies simply, then scrunches his nose “besides, if I die, Luhan will be Boss, and he’ll want to start selling drugs in the supermarket or something.”

Kai laughs, and Kyungsoo thinks it’s the most unguarded he’s seen Kai for a long time. Kyungsoo wonders, briefly, about another life in a quiet suburb and waking up together. But then he remembers Suho and Xiumin and the thought dissipates like a fleeting dream.

There’s a sudden smattering of thumps against the back of the car and Kai wrenches his hand out of Kyungsoo’s grip. “Shit,” he hisses as he twists the wheel and the car swerves dangerously, and Kyungsoo sees why when he glances at the side mirror. There are low, black cars flanking them, with metal dragons hammered into the front.

“Kris likes to flaunt,” Kyungsoo notes wryly, before loading his gun and giving it to Kai.

“Take the wheel,” Kai shouts, before sticking his body out of the window and firing a few shots. Kyungsoo doesn’t look to see if he’s taken down anyone, because they’re on a bridge now, and he concentrates on trying not to hit too many cars. There’s a harsh jolt that sends Kyungsoo crashing back into the seat as the car is pushed up against the barrier, sparks flying as metal chafes against metal.

Kai’s back in the driver’s seat, and he looks shaken but Kyungsoo can’t see any blood. After wrestling with the wheel a bit, Kai manages to push the car off the barricade, ramming into one of the black cars on their right. They’re nearly off the bridge, and Kyungsoo thinks it’ll be alright but then there’s another strong blow against the side of the car, and the next second the car is rolling into the metal barrier. Kyungsoo realizes they’re going to go over.

When the car crunches loudly against metal underneath it, Kyungsoo sees Kai kick open his door, then undo both their seatbelts.

In the second it takes for the car to tip over the barrier, when they’re momentarily suspended in air, Kai drags Kyungsoo into his lap and crushes their mouths in a bruising kiss.

When the car finally lurches downwards, in the moment between life and death, Kyungsoo thinks of Jongin and they jump together.



AN: Happy Birthday Kyungsoo
This is my first ever fic, so please leave comments, etc.

Tags: f:exo, p:baekhyun/chanyeol, p:chen/tao, p:kai/kyungsoo, p:kris/lay, p:luhan/sehun
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